DIG-DOG DFL40 Diesel Forklift Truck 4 Ton

Item No.: DFL40
    Power:42 kw
    Rated Load: 4 ton
    Lift Height: 3-6 m
    Truck Weight: 5 ton
    Support Customized Attachments
    Upgradeable Configuration
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DIG-DOG DFL40 Diesel Forklift Truck 4 ton

DFL40 Overview

The DFL40 diesel forklift, a powerful rough terrain forklift designed to handle even the most challenging material handling tasks. Boasting an impressive engine power of 42kw, this forklift is capable of handling a rated load capacity of 4000kg with ease.
With an axle distance of 2000mm, the forklift provides stability and control, ensuring smooth and safe operations even in demanding environments. The ground clearance of 135mm allows it to traverse uneven surfaces and rough terrain with confidence. Weighing in at 4800kg, the DFL40 exudes a sense of solidity and durability, making it a long-lasting investment for any industrial operation.
The fork length of 1220mm ensures efficient loading and unloading of various sizes of cargo. Whether you're moving pallets, boxes, or other heavy materials, the DFL40 diesel forklift is the perfect tool for the job. The minimum turning radius of 2690mm allows for tight maneuvering in confined spaces, maximizing operational flexibility.
When fully loaded, the DFL40 can reach a speed of 20km/h, ensuring efficient transportation of goods. The front tires, measuring 28*9-15, and rear tires, sized 650-10, are designed for durability and traction, even in challenging conditions. The mast tilt angles of 6 degrees forward and 12 degrees backward provide added versatility for handling different types of loads.
Measuring 2.89 meters in length, 1.22 meters in width, and 2.09 meters in height, the DFL40 diesel forklift offers a compact yet powerful solution for warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient rough terrain forklift, the DFL40 is an excellent choice. 
This forklift truck can be configured with a variety of attachments. Compare its price to other clamp forklift models and you'll see why it's a cost-effective option for your material handling needs.

DFL40 Advantage

Hydraulic Lift
Reinforced And Thickened Door Frame
Customizable Height
Side Shift Can Be Added

Rough Terrain Forklift | Clamp Forklift Price
Rough Terrain Forklift | Clamp Forklift Price
Rough Terrain Forklift | Clamp Forklift PricePacking & Shipping
Rough Terrain Forklift | Clamp Forklift Price


DIG-DOG DFL40 Diesel Forklift Trucks

DFL40 Special type Power form diesel unit
Specified load 4000 kg
Load center 500 mm
Lift height 3000 mm
Free height gain \ mm
Fork size Long×Width×Thick 1070×150×45 mm
Mast inclination angle Before/After 6/12 Deg
Minimum turning radius 2620 mm
Minimum right angle channel width 2385 mm
minimum ground clearance 135 mm
Overhead guard height 2160 mm
Front overhang 495 mm
Performance Max driving speed Fully loaded/No load 20 km/h
Max lifting speed Fully loaded/No load 330 mm/s
Largest traction Fully loaded/No load 15.5 KN
Maximum grade 20 %
Size Full length With fork 3985 mm
without fork 2915 mm
Full width 1225 mm
Max lifting height of fork (with shelf) 4265 mm
Door frame floor height 2180 mm
Chassis tire Front wheel 250-15-16PR
Rear wheel 6.50-10-10PR
Wheelbase 1900 mm
Wheelbase Front wheel/rear wheel 1000/970 mm
Self-respect No load 5000 Kg
Drive Battery Voltage/Capacity 12/80 V/Ah
Engine model 495
Rated power 37/2500 kw/rpm
Rated torque 174/1700 Nm/rpm
Bore size 95x105 mm
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 2.98 L
Fuel tank capacity 70 L
Transmission gear (front/rear) front 2 back 2/front 1 back 1
Work pressure 17.5 MPa
DIG-DOG forklifts belong to lifting transportation machinery, which is widely used for the loading, unloading and handling of packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, ports, etc. After being equipped with other working tools, it can also be used for the loading and unloading of bulk goods and other non-packed goods.
Rough Terrain Forklift | Clamp Forklift Price
Rough Terrain Forklift | Clamp Forklift Price

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